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I was born on the farm in the farm house, my parents were maybe a little ahead of their time (or behind the times, depending on how you look at it). I was raised eating organic food and grass fed pastured animal meats. The conversations around my dinner table were of things such as, "why do we eat carrots instead of fruit roll ups in our lunch".

I started to play varsity rugby at Western University in London. While I was not at the farm I started to eat food only available at grocery stores. I started to experience some ill health and various things such as candida, depression, an inability to lose weight even while eating very healthy. My teeth also started to rot. While I was at school I studied business thinking that whatever I chose to do I would be able to develop it into a business.

When I came back to the farm I realized my family and the families I grew up around have been farming in a way that is sustainable, healthy and basically AWESOME! So I started selling the products and quickly realized that much of my role as a sales person involved educating consumers about food and meat and where it comes from and how its raised.

I decided I would go back to eating the food from my farm in hopes that it would reverse some of my recent health challenges. I started to have a greater understanding about health. Many of my customers often have sensitivities and health challenges so I was curious about a lot of what they were experiencing and took it upon myself to ask questions. Just to give you an idea of how important health of our animals and our own health is we grew up attending seminars put on by Bio-Ag - the natural and organic supplement company that ensures their supplements are super absorbed (many times more than the industry average).

I've enjoyed a very blessed life having grown up the way I did. If you wonder about local food and how to buy healthy. I have lots of tips and tricks as well as inside information from the farming side of things that will help you be the most informed and healthy consumer - the way you want to be.

Best of luck in your journey of food, I'd be honoured to be apart of your journey if you want to come on over and check or my Facebook page and even Twitter!


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    Well I was born at home, and raised on a 200 yr old farm that became organic the year i was born, so I guess you could say I'M certified Organic!

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    October 2013